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Experience Digital Healthcare Solutions with Ennuviz

Enhance the healthcare experiences for patients and providers with enterprise automation and process intelligence.

Our solutions handle situations that require manual assistance with ease, like medical claims processing, revenue management, and documentation to improve healthcare operations. This meets patients' expectations and improves patient care.

Key Challanges

Healthcare payers are transitioning to digital-first operations, facing key challenges such as enhancing personalized member engagement, adopting value-based care, ensuring system interoperability, and streamlining provider management. They must also manage appeals, grievances, and utilization effectively. Improved care access and provider communication are critical to success.

Care Coordination Efficiency
Risk Assessment Coverage
First Call Resolution (FCR)
Member Satisfaction
Higher Turnaround Time
Gross Operational Expense

Healthcare Operations

Claims Process

Automating insurance claims management processes and data entry boosts productivity.

Schedule Appointments

Automating appointment scheduling improves the patient experience, reduces errors, and saves time.

Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare providers benefit by analyzing and automating the RCM processes, resulting in data accuracy and cost savings.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Collecting data, engaging with patients, and setting up the device are automated for better CX.

Patient Onboarding

Automated data entry and follow-up on the patients with e-medical records make the onboarding task smooth without errors.


Clinical documentation is improved with hyperautomation through accurate data entry, better quality, and time savings.

Fast-Track Your Success with Ennuviz Solutions

Discover how Ennuviz's Solution Accelerator, featured on our website, ensures swift and efficient progress tailored to propel your success.

Finance Audit & Compliance

Enhance compliance, financial control, and risk management for various industries. It ensures SOP adherence, flags transactional deviations, detects unauthorized approvals and duplicate invoices, and optimizes invoice processing for better cash flow.

Incident Management

Harness data-driven actionable insight to streamline incident management, minimizing rework, reassigns, and SLA breaches, improving service quality and customer experience, and reducing costs ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Claim Sense

Revolutionize claims processing with ClaimSense. Our solution boosts operational efficiency for a frictionless claims journey. Leveraging real-time analytics enhances decision-making, and minimizes manual tasks and claims processing costs.

Business Outcomes

Implementing Business Process Intelligence combined with Intelligent Automation and AI enhances efficiency, streamlines operations, and drives significant cost savings, leading to improved business outcomes.

Care Cordination
Faster Data Intake
Increase FCR
Member Satisfaction
Provider management
Claim Management
Payment integrity
Throughput Time
Reduced Opex Cost

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