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CMS Digitization for Healthcare Payor


In a North American-based healthcare company, Ennuviz implemented a custom CMS form digitization solution for providers and payors. Healthcare organizations, including providers and payors, dedicate substantial resources to processing claims, appeals, grievances, and other paperwork. The manual handling of paper-based claims and service requests involves extensive data entry processes, leading to prolonged cycle times, errors, and payment delays.


  • A wide range of over 180+ CMS forms to manage.
  • Cycle time and errors leading to payment delays
  • Paper-based claims and service requests with multiple human
  • Touchpoints, Labor Intense and Time Consuming
  • Human errors resulting in measurable interest and penalties
  • Repetitive tasks affecting the employee experience
  • Influence on reputation and customer satisfaction


  • Transform Electronic and Handwritten CMS forms (180+), reducing costs and errors.
  • Seamlessly integrate with API-supported applications.
  • Support integration through various channels like Email, Sharepoint, OneDrive, etc.
  • Utilize Machine Learning and Form-Based Extractor for automatic classification.
  • Achieve 99.5% accuracy in extracting key data.
  • Operate standalone or integrate seamlessly via API for adaptability.


Business impact

Reduce Processing Cost
Improve overall Productivity Time
Increase in Productivity


Our solution revolutionizes Healthcare Organizations' claims and service processing, emphasizing electronic forms for cost reduction, efficiency, and error minimization. Seamless API integration enhances workflow, and Machine Learning/Form-Based Extractors ensure accurate automatic classification. Whether standalone or integrated via API, the solution yields impressive outcomes, including reduced processing costs, improved overall productivity, and minimized manual data extraction and errors. This enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.