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Material Test Report Automation


In the dynamic engineering department of a prominent North American oil and gas industry, the warehouse serves as a central hub for assembling materials and documentation that are crucial for end users. These end users play a vital role in overseeing material and certification tracking for essential processes like Welding, Coating, NDE Examination, and Safety.


  • Annual labor cost of $700K distributed across various locations.
  • Maintenance challenge of frequently accessing and reviewing documents, such as MTR, for safety and compliance purposes.
  • Time-consuming and intricate process of verifying MTRs, taking over 10 minutes per component.
  • Delayed construction timelines or inspection failures due to difficulties in locating MTR documents, resulting in significant financial consequences.


  • Comprehensive digitization solution: Covering the entire Material Test Report (MTR) processing to enhance the customer experience by extracting essential data from varied unstructured MTR documents.
  • Leveraging UiPath and Engine: Utilizing advanced technologies to digitize MTR reports from Upstream systems and seamlessly integrate them with downstream processing systems.
  • Intuitive user interface: Offering an easy-to-use interface for convenient location and effective workflow management of Material Test Reports (MTR).


Business impact

Manual Hours Saved (Monthly)
Improved Productivity
MTR Requests processed (Daily)
Cycle Time Reduced
Time To Market
15 Months


The implementation of Ennuviz's Material Test Report (MTR) customized accelerator has significantly enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of the MTR processing system for the oil and gas industry. By leveraging advanced technologies and an intuitive user interface, Ennuviz has effectively streamlined the digitization of MTR reports, ensuring seamless data extraction and integration across systems. These solutions have not only optimized workflow management but also improved the overall customer experience. Ennuviz's expertise and tailored accelerators have played a key role in driving operational efficiency and productivity in Material Test Report processing, highlighting their commitment to delivering innovative solutions for industry-specific challenges.