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Put Away Process Improvement


The Transportation and Warehouse management company encountered challenges in the Put away process within the warehouse, affecting operational efficiency and overall productivity. Issues such as idle time of goods, bottlenecks, delays, incorrect storage locations, and reworks due to misplacement hindered the smooth functioning of operations.


  • Elevated idle time of Goods during the Put away process in the warehouse.
  • Bottlenecks and delays affecting operational efficiency.
  • Inaccurate storage locations contributing to inefficiencies.
  • Reworks required due to misplacement issues.
  • Reworks due to misplacement


  • Explored solution pilot using IBM Process Mining in multiple Minimum Viable Product (MVP) phases
  • Analyzed historical data of the Put Away process to identify key bottlenecks
  • Idle time of Goods
  • Pallets idle time between Storage and Shipping
  • Incorrect Storage Locations
  • Impact on Transportation Costs
  • Rework due to Misplacement
  • Evaluation of Transportation Cost Impact


The strategic use of IBM Process Mining effectively tackled challenges in the Put Away process. Analyzing historical data and implementing improvements reduced idle time, addressed bottlenecks, corrected storage issues, and minimized reworks. This data-driven approach not only optimized operational efficiency but also highlighted the potential for continual enhancement in warehouse processes, emphasizing the value of such solutions for sustained productivity gains. By collaborating with Ennuviz throughout this transformative journey, the company has been able to pinpoint critical operational challenges, implement data-driven solutions, and drive sustainable enhancements across their operations. Ennuviz's expertise and tailored solutions have proven instrumental in optimizing processes, streamlining operations, and achieving tangible results, underscoring the value of their support in facilitating operational excellence.