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We offer Implementation, Support, & Maintenance in a managed service model

Managed Services

Build, Transform, and Transfer Your Business

Delivering Business Process Intelligence


Our services commit to delivering the ultimate business transformation by integrating business process intelligence, automation, and AI capabilities for outcome-centric delivery and achieving operational excellence and data-centricity.


Organizations often struggle to streamline their processes by effectively adapting to emerging technologies like process mining and automation. Balancing transformation and innovation is challenging.


LOB Owners and IT Leaders responsible for Digital Transformation, Process Excellence, or Innovation want to uncover bottlenecks, optimize and streamline their processes, reduce manual efforts, and stay ahead of industry standards.

Build, Operate, and Transfer

Picture this: a custom-made Business Process Intelligence framework designed and built by our team of experts specifically for your organization. Once we're done, you'll receive the keys and full control over the framework.

Build, and Transfer

We work hand-in-hand to deliver your Business Process Intelligence solution as per your requirement, leveraging our solution accelerators and best practices.

Our Models

We provide flexible delivery models, simplified and accessible to our clients. All the complex aspects of technical delivery are unravelled to suit business goals.

Unleashing the Power of Data Driven Process

Unlock the power of your data with our Business Process Intelligence services. Designed to optimize operations and enable informed decision-making, we turn the challenge of integrating actionable insights into a seamless experience. Our customized solutions are tailored to meet the needs of data-centric professionals, ensuring data becomes a pivotal asset for your business. From boosting efficiency to fostering growth and securing a competitive advantage, our expertise is your pathway to success in today's digital economy.

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Our Expertise

Solution Accelerators

Our solution accelerators are carefully crafted from deep industry knowledge and are designed to address the distinct needs of particular industries and business areas. They offer the adaptability for bespoke adjustments to suit each client's requirements. Delivered in a turnkey, ready-to-deploy model and guaranteed effortless integration and quick implementation.

Custom Solution

We design bespoke Business Process Intelligence solutions, tailoring our expertise to meet your specific needs and objectives, ensuring a perfect fit for your strategic goals.

Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity

Ennuviz's Enterprise Automation services are meticulously crafted to empower organizations by streamlining processes, minimizing manual efforts, and elevating overall productivity. We understand that embracing and effectively maintaining automation technologies can present significant business challenges. That's why our services are tailored to meet Business and technology leaders' unique needs.

In an ever-evolving tech landscape, staying at the forefront of automation tools and methodologies is crucial. Ennuviz is your trusted partner on this journey, offering expertise, guidance, and solutions to help you harness the full potential of automation. Whether you aim to optimize your operations, drive cost savings, or remain competitive, our Enterprise Automation services are designed to propel your organization toward success in the digital age.

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Our Expertise

Automation as a Service

All-in-one service covers everything from infrastructure to implementation, platform maintenance, production support, and annual maintenance.

Automation Support as a Service

We provide production support, annual maintenance, and minor enhancements in - Pay By Process or Fixed Capacity model. a better way to lower our support cost.

Automation Packages

Our automation packages enable rapid scaling of your automation efforts in line with your Center of Excellence Automation Lifecycle Standards and Governance, using the Build and Transform model. This accelerates goal attainment, optimizes resource use, and maximizes ROI.

Value Adds

Our Value Added services offer innovation and exceptional support tailored to elevate your business. Count on us for customized strategies and dedicated assistance to help you achieve your goals

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Our Expertise

Governance Model

Collaborating with your Enterprise Control Function Group to ensure seamless integration.

Power User Training

Instructor-led training and eLearning materials.

Technology User Training

Instructor-led training and certification assistance.


Partnering with you, we ensure your team can operate independently.

Business Benefits

Streamlined Process Enhancement

Plug n Play for fast process adaptation & improvement

Boosting High-Value Productivity

Increased Productivity as employees engage in higher-value work

Adaptable Collaboration Formats

Flexible engagement models

Round-the-Clock Advanced Support

End-to-end Accountability

White Glove Service

Our clients receive dedicated attention, customized solutions, and swift, effective resolutions, embodying Ennuviz's commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Reliable Delivery Guarantee

Delivery Assurance

Comprehensive Managed Solutions

Extended client lifecycle through the end-to-end managed solution

Comprehensive Responsibility Oversight

End-to-end Accountability

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