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IBM WatsonX and Process Mining: How to Have A Successful Digital Transformation

Thursday 18th July 2024 | 3 PM ET - 6 PM ET | Manhattan, New York city

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Examined 75,000 invoices and uncovered instances of duplicate invoices worth of $2M for the leading Biotechnology Research client in the United State


Reduce loan cancellations by 18% with personalized borrower insight


Digitizing Medicare enrollment, claim forms, and more documents led to a 75% decrease in processing costs for a prominent healthcare insurance provider


Aided Claim Analysts by offering inter-pend dependencies insights, resulting in a 40% increase in Claim Settlement for a US Healthcare Payer.


Enhanced efficiency by identifying and resolving material rejections, ensuring SLA compliance for our client in Food & Beverage industry.


Discovered bottlenecks with contextual insights on incident reworks, reassignments, and SLA breaches, resulting in a $7 million cost savings for the global service desk team of the top Canadian financial services organization

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Ennuviz is a Lean, Tool Agnostic, Client-obsessed technology company that compliments your organization's Culture, Strength, and Operations to Transform.

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We’re a revolutionizing breakthrough in the technical domain. Our decades-long expertise and ingenuity yield inventive solutions, possessing a cohesive, lucid, and user-driven base.

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As a prodigy of excellence, we offer a myriad of synergistic, handcrafted unique assimilation of Process Mining, Automation, and AI fostering astute solutions.

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Ennuviz facilitates a key to entering the realm of endless possibilities. Our viable, customized solutions incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to defy business challenges.

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Transforming Vision into Reality, See How Our Clients Achieve Success with Ennuviz

    • Overall, I am very pleased with how we have worked together with Ennuviz. The deliverables we agreed on have been delivered. Also, the quality of the work is outstanding. Ennuviz has a good understanding of our processes (related to master data) and the tool. The team proactively finds solutions to challenges during the journey so far.

      Leon Lodewick
    • Ennuviz did a great job creating the AS-IS, Interim, and End State flows for the material domain. Ennuviz team was always responsive and supportive to make all changes within the required timeline including keeping us on track and schedule weekly meetings for us to review and ensuring we closed ADO tasks as needed. Thank you for your support.

      Christina Atchison
    • Ennuviz was a huge help in developing our workflows. Their flow insight and ability to experiment allowed us to develop the correct model. Ennuviz team is very flexible and customer-centered

      Jack Detzel
      Supply Chain Director
    • Ennuviz astounded us with their meticulous planning and execution of a Proof of Concept (POC) that brilliantly demonstrated Process Mining's potential. Through their implementation, we spotted bottlenecks, optimized processes, and made data-driven decisions, significantly boosting efficiency and productivity. Ennuviz's unmatched professionalism and technical prowess make them the go-to for Process Mining services.

      Santhosh Kumar
      CTO & Founder
    • I'm satisfied with Ennuviz's services and wholeheartedly endorse them as a premier staffing partner. They've been accommodating and grasped the intricacies of our requirements swiftly. The candidates they recommended precisely aligned with our company's ethos and goals. Their professionalism, expertise, aptitude, and dedication to client satisfaction make them the ideal choice for any organization seeking top-tier talent.

      CISO at iCreditsWork

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