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Increase efficiency with process intelligence and hyperautomation in your finance processes.

Banking and finance services, through process intelligence and hyperautomation, catalyze transactions for better customer experience.

Key Challenges

The challenging processes in the financial industry are security breaches, regulatory compliance, customer experience, virtual transactions, economic volatility, low operational efficiency, and cyber threats, resulting in data breaches, legal issues, and fraud. Ensuring security and speed is essential in this sector.

Compliance Rate
Conversion Rate
First Contact Resolution Rate
Straight Thru Processing Rate
Customer Churn Rate
Cost-to-Income Ratio

Banking & Finance Operations

Loan Processing

Loan processes can be simplified and accelerated with hyperautomation.

Customer Onboarding

Collecting and verifying customer data for KYC checks and accounts setup is streamlined with hyperautomation.

Payments & Transaction

Transaction process, accuracy are pinpointed by process mining, leading to reduced operational costs through automated payment processes.

Account Management

Automating customer information, balance inquiries, and fund transfers can enhance account management processes.

Risk & Compliance

Transaction and risk monitoring with process mining and process intelligence simplifies data extraction processes.

Customer Experience

Enabling chatbots and virtual assistance helps engage customers instantly and resolve their issues, improving customer satisfaction.

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Finance Audit & Compliance

Enhance compliance, financial control, and risk management for various industries. It ensures SOP adherence, flags transactional deviations, detects unauthorized approvals and duplicate invoices, and optimizes invoice processing for better cash flow.


Incident Management

Harness data-driven actionable insight to streamline incident management, minimizing rework, reassigns, and SLA breaches, improving service quality and customer experience, and reducing costs ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Fintech Revenue Maximer

Enhances lending strategies, streamlining operations and reducing loan cancellations. Our solution offers actionable insights, KPIs and enables data-driven decisions to improve client satisfaction, ensuring efficiency and profitability.

Business Outcomes

Implementing Business Process Intelligence combined with Intelligent Automation and AI enhances efficiency, streamlines operations, and drives significant cost savings, leading to improved business outcomes.

Compliance Rate
Customer Conversion Rate
Straight through processing rate
First-Contact-Resolution rate
Cost to Income Ratio
Customer Churn Rate
Below 4%

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