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AI-Driven Efficiency, Orchestration, and Swift ROI

Experience unmatched business transformation with Ennuviz and IBM's fusion of WatsonX, Process Mining and Automation. Their partnership empowers you with innovative solutions, catalyze growth and set a new benchmark for excellence and transformative success.

Explore the Future of AI with IBM WatsonX

Experience the next generation of AI with IBM WatsonX, a powerful platform designed to transform your business through advanced data analytics and machine learning. Explore our IBM WatsonX page to see how we can help you harness the full potential of AI for smarter decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.Discover more about IBM WatsonX's capabilities.

Our Competency

Process Mining

Access a data-driven process model with stakeholder and data source insights. Identify and prioritize automation opportunities, fast-track RPA bot generation, and simulate change impact and ROI with AI. Analyze non-conformant cases and integrate with SAP, Oracle, and others. Deploy anywhere, customize dashboards with a low-code/no-code platform, and enhance analyses with task mining.

Business Process Mapping

Zero-installation cloud-based process modeling with Drag-and-drop mapping enables easy flow reordering with instant process map generation. Access embedded tutorials for guidance. Collaborate in real-time with automated change notifications. Instantly export maps to BPMN 2.0 or other formats. Store workflows securely and manage permissions flexibly.

Robotic Process Automation

Software robots act on AI insights to complete tasks, enabling digital transformation. Use RPA and APIs to streamline workflows in IBM WatsonX Orchestrate custom skills, boosting productivity, growing your business, accelerating time to value, increasing throughput, and reducing human error.


Leveraging generative AI and automation to free up time for your "want-to-do" list. Streamline workflows, improve business results, and personalize with prebuilt skills or custom automations. Connect seamlessly to various apps, build conversations that matter, and boost productivity effortlessly.

Our Vision
Our Vision
Enabling transformation, Ennuviz and IBM envision a future where organizations achieve unparalleled operational excellence and efficiency. This is driven by innovative, data-centric process transformation into Autonomous powers by synthetic consciousness, combining Business Automation and WatsonX.
Our Collaboration
Our Collaboration
Through a blend of Ennuviz's expertise and IBM's technological prowess in Business Automation and WatsonX, we champion innovation, efficiency, and tailored growth strategies. This partnership embodies a strong commitment to leveraging IBM's cloud-based solutions, setting new benchmarks in operational excellence and industry-specific, data-driven advancements, thereby unlocking unprecedented business opportunities.
Our Relationship
Our Relationship
Ennuviz leads in pioneering business process transformation, closely collaborating with IBM to provide unparalleled solutions and insights for process transformation. As an authorized solution provider and reseller for IBM, Ennuviz blends its distinct expertise and unique accelerators with IBM’s sophisticated process mining, modeling, RPA, and AI capabilities. This partnership fosters extensive process improvements, establishing new standards for operational efficiency. By adopting best practices and versatile, ready-to-use applications, our joint efforts elevate organizational performance and success across diverse industries.
Our Team
Our Team
Ennuviz distinguishes itself with a premier talent pool in Business Automation, supported by a fungible model designed for adaptability and versatility. This strategy enables the effective distribution of our expert professionals across a variety of initiatives. Our specialists IBM Advanced Certified in IBM Business Automation, including Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation, and WatsonX, providing comprehensive solutions for end-to-end process transformation. Our offerings cover process mining, task mining, modeling, and intelligent automation, all integrated with WatsonX, to drive innovation throughout our clients' ecosystems.

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Discover how Ennuviz's Solution Accelerator, featured on our website, ensures swift and efficient progress tailored to propel your success.


Compliance Remediation

Boost SLA compliance and reduce material rejections by optimizing Master Data Management processes in the supply chain domain, optimizing process and data, and ensuring seamless workflow to improve overall performance and productivity.


Fintech Revenue Maximer

Enhances lending strategies, streamlining operations and reducing loan cancellations. Our solution offers actionable insights, KPIs and enables data-driven decisions to improve client satisfaction, ensuring efficiency and profitability.


Claim Sense

Enhances lending strategies, streamlining operations and reducing loan cancellations. Our solution offers actionable insights, KPIs and enables data-driven decisions to improve client satisfaction, ensuring efficiency and profitability.

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