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Automation with AI Unleashing the revolution

Partnering with UiPath, Ennuviz enhances productivity, reduces costs, and mitigates risks while fostering innovation, efficiency, and growth across industries.

Our Vision
Enabling organizations to leverage the transformative collaboration of automation and AI, Ennuviz's partnership with UiPath envisions unrivaled efficiency, fosters innovation, and propels growth, revolutionizing real-world operations and experiences.
Our Collaboration
Our Collaboration
Ennuviz and UiPath, leading in business transformation and enterprise automation respectively, have partnered to redefine process efficiency. Combining Ennuviz's optimization strategies with UiPath's AI and automation technologies, this collaboration enhances productivity and innovation while reducing costs and risks. It leverages UiPath’s AI, low-code development, intelligent document processing, test automation and Ennuviz's process insights for groundbreaking solutions. Aimed at driving significant organizational value, they're pushing the limits of automated business excellence. Together, they're setting new standards in the realm of business process automation.
Our Relationship
Since 2021, Ennuviz has been at the forefront of enterprise automation, partnering with UiPath to deliver unparalleled automation solutions industry-wide. As an official solution provider and reseller, Ennuviz blends its deep expertise and innovative accelerators with UiPath's advanced automation technologies, including intelligent document processing and generative AI, to drive extensive process improvements. This collaboration sets new standards in operational efficiency, leveraging industry best practices, and deploying ready-to-use apps and integrations. Together, Ennuviz and UiPath are transforming operational efficiency, proving instrumental in achieving industry-wide success.

Our Competency

Intelligent Document Processing & Specialized AI

Automate tasks for time-saving, accuracy assurance, error reduction, compliance streamlining, and continuous improvement. Enhance bots with pre-trained ML models. Integrate RPA with AI for more intelligent document processing. Easily deploy intelligent robots and validate data in the UiPath Action Center.

Process Mining

Analyze the digital footprints of your enterprise and In-house systems. Monitor purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash, and incident management KPIs and customize analyses and KPIs to align with business goals. Use AI to identify inefficiencies, run simulations, visualize processes with TRACY, and accelerate automation deployment with data-driven decisions.

Task Mining

Capture task data seamlessly. Metrics: time, apps, actions. Involve SMEs for insights. Merge tasks for visibility. Export insights instantly. Initiate automation with UiPath Studio. Evaluate ideas in Automation Hub. Generate data-driven task picture. Gain insights into ways of working. Improve: remove redundancies, increase efficiencies, and streamline tasks for ROI.

Test Automation

Enhance developer experience with faster, seamless testing through drag-and-drop test design and automation. Utilize AI insights to spot automation opportunities and auto-generate data-driven test cases. Continuously organize and execute tests. Achieve instant release status and resolve defects swiftly.

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Contact Center Intelligence

Elevate customer experience with Contact Center Intelligence, leveraging AI-Infused Automation for streamlined processes, improved responsiveness, and deep customer journey insights.



Revolutionize your document processing with our Digitization Bot, specifically pre-trained to convert Healthcare CMS forms into digital format for payers.


Material Test Result

Explore our innovative Digitization Solution with UiPath and Engine. Effortlessly streamline materials and documentation, reducing labor costs and enhancing efficiency.

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