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Enhancing Support Desk Efficiency and Performance focus on challenges related to Rework, Reassignments and SLA Breach

Industry Pain Points

Incident Management across industries faces key challenges, including the high volume and complexity of incidents, integration issues across disparate IT systems, the need for rapid response and resolution, stringent regulatory compliance, skill gaps within IT teams, and adapting to digital transformation. These challenges demand a strategic, technology-enhanced approach to ensure operational resilience and maintain high service quality across sectors.

Multi-Hop Rate
Repeat Incidents
SLA Violation Rate
Late Resolution Rate
Communication Breakdowns
Lack of Documentation

Our Solution

Leveraging IBM Process Mining, we optimize incident management processes by visually mapping support desk workflows comprehensively. This detailed mapping enables thorough analysis of process variations, rework instances, and multi-hop frequencies. Critical improvement areas, such as bottlenecks and high rework zones, have been identified, offering actionable insights to streamline operations and enhance service quality. Integration of IBM Process Mining with existing systems ensures a seamless and efficient approach to incident management, leading to improved IT service delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction across industries.

Support Desk Performance Dashboard
Support Desk Performance Dashboard
Elevates support desk operations by providing real-time access to vital metrics like incident counts, resolution durations, rework rates, frequent reassignments, and SLA adherence. This functionality enables precise identification of improvement areas, ongoing performance monitoring, and proactive SLA management. Essential for accelerating incident resolution, ensuring SLA compliance, and enhancing customer satisfaction, it enables informed strategic decisions for continuous process optimization.
CoE Dashboard
CoE Dashboard
Facilitates CoE teams in pinpointing automation opportunities within Service Desk processes, fostering collaboration with business units for RPA deployment and efficiency enhancement. Through comprehensive visual analytics, this feature offers insights into critical, high-volume incident areas, highlighting metrics such as cycle times, SLA breaches, and reworks. These analytics enable the identification of key automation areas, driving substantial business value and operational improvements.
Executive Dashboard
Executive Dashboard
Tailored for Global Service Desk executives, this dashboard showcases vital metrics including First Call Resolution, CSAT, SLA Compliance, and Average Resolution Time. It provides insights and recommendations derived from data analysis, empowering executives to make informed decisions for enhancing operational effectiveness.



Cost Saving
Repeat Incidents
Multi-Hop Rate
SLA Violation Rate
Late Resolution Rate
Communication Breakdown
Mean Time to Repair
4 Hours

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Boost SLA compliance and reduce material rejections by optimizing Master Data Management processes in the supply chain domain, optimizing process and data, and ensuring seamless workflow to improve overall performance and productivity.

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Enhances lending strategies, streamlining operations and reducing loan cancellations. Our solution offers actionable insights, KPIs and enables data-driven decisions to improve client satisfaction, ensuring efficiency and profitability.

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Enhances lending strategies, streamlining operations and reducing loan cancellations. Our solution offers actionable insights, KPIs and enables data-driven decisions to improve client satisfaction, ensuring efficiency and profitability.

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