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The Eccentric Guide To Driving Automation Through Process Intelligence

"Digital transformation" and "automation" have become buzzwords in technology. Organizations are still figuring out how to improve the efficiency of their process. Businesses should focus on "processes" and "automation" in their process optimization journey. Do you want to improve the efficiency of your business processes and eliminate time-consuming tasks?

Automation and process intelligence are the solutions. They transform your business processes to achieve excellence and proficiency. Learn how they will improve the standard of your business by reading this blog. Keep reading to learn about the automation journey through process intelligence, the benefits of PI, and recommendations for your automation journey.

Driving Automation

Automation has become a mandate in this digital world regarding business. Recently, a survey was done by SSON’s Global Intelligent Automation on the reasons people choose automation. 80% of people adopt automation in their firms to increase process efficiency, optimize their workforce and productivity, and improve customer engagement/experience.

Process efficiency drives business growth through automation with reduced operational, energy, and labor costs. Automation aids in moving process efficiency but identifying the bottlenecks in the process was traditionally impossible. This is where process intelligence enters the picture. It finds the lag and blockages in the operations and identifies the strategies that must be automated.

Levers that Transform Business Processes

When it comes to business process intelligence, three levers can transform your business process.

  • Process Modeling
  • Process Mining
  • Task Mining

Process Modeling

is a graphical representation of the business workflow. It captures activities from business areas to activity levels. Process Modeling documents how the process should function. To improve the current procedure, we must analyze the existing system, identify potential areas to enhance it, and design a new approach.

Process Mining

is an analytic data platform that discovers, monitors, and enhances business processes. It identifies opportunities in the process, such as bottleneck activities, process variation, and non-conformance processes. It helps in decision-making by collecting insights based on actual data. This enables us to quantify the impact of bottlenecks on KPIs.

Task Mining

is a software bot that captures the activities on the desktop, identifies the pattern, and maps the process. It helps the business analyst create a process design document demonstrating the business flow (an "as-is flow diagram"). Task mining is implemented at both the process step and activity levels. This is done to identify the Robotic Process Automation opportunity and provide a list of activities that need to be automated.

Advantages of Process Intelligence

When you opt for process intelligence to boost your business, the benefits you gain are,

  • Scaling of automation initiatives
  • Optimization of operations
  • Improved governance and compliance
  • Cost savings

How Process Intelligence Drives Automation

Moving on, you would want to know how process intelligence drives automation. This would be explained through Ennuviz’s solution delivery framework. You would like to improve your business by increasing process efficiency. This would happen when your business harnesses the influence of real-time process data and builds a proper pipeline for improvement. With process intelligence, we can analyze and identify the activities that need to be automated. Next would be placing the root cause of the issue and finding the right solution, RPA or Intelligent Document Processing. Based on this, the problems will be resolved. Finally, monitoring the value delivered by this action is complete.

Governance is a significant key to the process, including risk management as part of compliance. There are various categories. First, frame the value of process intelligence, which involves process mining and discovery. Second, realize the deal, which determines the process that needs to be implemented and how to implement it. Finally, an automation factory where the methods are analyzed, prioritized, planned, designed, built, and delivered.

Our Contact Center Intelligence turn-key solution is entirely dedicated to AI-Infused Automation (Emails), Conversational AI (Chatbots), and Analytics & Mining (Ticket Analysis). It addresses queries raised in the insurance industry, such as the high volume of emails, customer experience, and SLA breaches. Automating emails and chatbots helps achieve customer satisfaction, provides an immediate response, and reduces SLA breaches. Tools like UiPath Action center, ServiceNow, and Celonis Process Mining are used to optimize processes through automation.

A Few Suggestions for the Automation Journey

If you plan to adopt automation, here are a few recommendations to kick-start your automation journey.

  • Always focus on process and automation in your process optimization journey.
  • Find a strategic partner with expertise and a successful record in implementing RPA.
  • Plan your journey while considering the ROI, as it involves investments. Begin with small steps but focus on growing more prominent.
  • Creating COE is significant as it enhances the efficiency of bot development, improves the ROI, and trains the developers in RPA.
  • Business and IT alignment are strategic, and technology can support them in a few places. Only when a business understands its capabilities can it utilize them for ROI and business gain. This is essential for success in the long run.

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