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Key Areas To Improve Business Through Automation

Are you looking to automate your business but stuck with questions such as which task to automate? You’re at the right place, keep reading to gain insights on automation, how to use automation efficiently, and the standards required to automate.

What is Automation

Automation is the usage of software technologies to ease human involvement in the process. It helps in building, monitoring, and accomplishing the end-to-end process. Automation can be executed with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), and Hyperautomation. We all might’ve heard of RPA and the tools used for automation like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism. But what is IPA? IPA involves RPA with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Automation in Business

Working from Monday to Friday might get boring with the mundane, tedious tasks. Automation is implemented in business to make the employees feel at ease and boost the business process. Various departments like sales, human resources, marketing, and customer services use automation to improve the workplace.

“Automation and technology don’t cure behavioral ruts: they just create new instances of them.”
Kenneth Goldsmith

Key Areas to Improve Business through Automation

Every business has found its way to automate and improvise processes in the industry. In such a phase, automation is implemented in various functions in business:

Claims Processing Automation

Claims processing is a core field in the insurance and Healthcare industry, and it involves tracking claim requests and progressing further with the available data. This process is automated to increase efficiency, accuracy, and speed. Through automation, the errors caused by the manual procedure are avoided, which results in the effectiveness of the process. The automated claims management process is done through RPA with AI, Intelligent Document Processing, and ML.

Human Resources Automation

To make the process faster and more efficient and to increase productivity, tasks, and processes are automated. In Human Resources, functions like employee onboarding, timesheet, payroll, attendance tracker, etc., require lots of time when manually done. Also, tasks that require heavy documents and paper works and are time-consuming are automated. During the process, the HR team would find the recurring tasks tedious, and to make it simplified; automation is incorporated.

Information Technology Automation

The IT sector is filled with monotonous tasks daily; automation can be executed to save cost & time, lessen the complexity of the process, and manual errors. We can automate workflow, business processes, and scheduling jobs using automation tools. This helps the IT team work efficiently and concentrate on other significant work. However, automation is done for limited tasks in the IT field.

Accounts Payable Automation

Dealing with finance has always been a critical and significant in every industry. Employees in the accounts team across industries find maintaining the invoice in greater volume and transaction process crucial since it is repetitive and rule-based. Automation comes in to reduce invoice errors & costs, increase accuracy in payments & compliance, improve customer experience, and boost the department’s growth.

Criteria for Automation

Before implementing automation in your business, automation is possible for

  • Monotonous Processes
  • Rule-based Processes
  • Data entry and data validation Process
  • Front-end Processes

Tips to Use Hyperautomation Efficiently

  • Understand the complete process that you’re going to automate so that when it is automated, you know if you’ve got the expected outcome.
  • Keep the objectives strong and manage your expectation until it is fulfilled.
  • Focus on the long term to make it accessible when you develop or make specific changes in the future.
  • Involve your IT team while choosing the tool, as they might provide meaningful insights based on the business requirements.
  • Keep ROI in mind while choosing automation in your business, as it would save time and boost ROI.


Automation has become common, and every business has started adapting to Hyperautomation. Are you seeking someone to guide you toward choosing the right Hyperautomation tool? Ennuviz provides you with various automation solutions. Reach out to our experts to start your automation journey today.

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