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Empowering Franchise Success with AI: Achieve More, Stress Less

Utilizing AI to Streamline Operations and Boost Employee Engagement

A leading national franchise has embraced intelligent automation with IBM's WatsonX Orchestrate solution to revolutionize its business operations. By automating repetitive tasks such as interview scheduling and candidate outreach, the franchise aims to increase staffing levels by 30% and enhance overall employee engagement.

Key Challenges

The Franchise operations encounter numerous challenges that can hinder efficiency and productivity. Key issues include

Extended Time Spent on Administrative Tasks
Slow Recruitment Processes
Manual Data Handling
Limited Strategic Focus
Ensuring Consistency Across Locations

Franchise Operations Improvements

Recruitment Management

Employ hyper automation and process mining to efficiently handle candidate applications and tracking.

Employee Onboarding

Use process intelligence to streamline paperwork, training schedules, and integration of new hires.

Performance Management

Automate the collection and analysis of employee performance data to ensure timely and accurate reviews.

Data Management

Utilize process mining to analyze operational data, ensuring high-quality data management and insightful analytics.

Payroll and Compensation

Use hyper automation to manage payroll calculations, benefits administration, and compliance reporting.

Compliance Management

Leverage automation to monitor and report compliance metrics, reducing risk and ensuring adherence to legal standards.

Employee Development

Automate the scheduling, tracking, and evaluation of training programs, using process mining for continuous improvement.

Operational Data Analysis

Automate the analysis of operational data to gain insights into business trends and improve decision-making processes.

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