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Order to Cash - Accounts Receivable Transformation


In the ever-changing realm of business operations, the imperative for streamlined processes and heightened visibility stands paramount. This case study sheds light on the transformative odyssey of a company confronted with significant obstacles related to data collection efficiency, S/4 migration planning, and executive reporting. Recognizing the crucial need for a paradigm shift, the organization sought solutions to not only address immediate challenges but also to unearth concealed opportunities for enhancement.


  • Gathering detailed process data often required days, or even weeks, with unclear visibility into points of friction
  • Initiating an S/4 migration necessitated enhanced process visibility to define requirements efficiently.
  • Streamlining report generation for executive management, such as creating a government past due Accounts Receivable (A/R) report, leading to annual savings of $100,000.


  • Revitalized the credit management process by detecting unnecessary credit holds on key customers, thus optimizing on-time delivery, accelerating time-to-cash, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Empowered individual analysts to address overdue service contracts, leading to a reduction in late payment rates from 61% to 44%.
  • Effectively met all S/4 Migration requirements and identified further opportunities beyond those previously identified in consultant-led workshops.



This case study demonstrates the company's adept handling of operational challenges through innovative credit management strategies, analyst empowerment, and thorough preparation for S/4 migration. By overcoming immediate obstacles and uncovering new avenues for efficiency and enhancement, the organization showcases the value of strategic solutions in driving process optimization and continuous improvement. Ennuviz's approach played a key role in supporting the organization's progress by offering tailored solutions and valuable insights for operational advancement.