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Enhancing Maintenance Excellence with Ennuviz's Customized Solutions

Optimize IBM Maximo Adoption and Work Order Reliability Globally

Industry Pain Points

Global plant maintenance faces significant challenges. Non-adherence to standardized processes leads to inefficiencies, while limited visibility into operational gaps hampers proactive improvements, increasing costs and downtime. Inaccurate data undermines decision-making and scheduling accuracy. Real-time metrics such as MTTR and MTBF are lacking, complicating efforts to optimize performance. Plans to expand scope include calibration, inventory, EH&S, facilities, and predictive maintenance, necessitating scalable solutions.

Manual Efforts
Data Errors
Cost Variance (Actual vs Estimated)
Efforts Variance (Actual vs Estimated)
Response Time
Completion Rate
SLA Breachess

Our Solution

Ennuviz delivers a tailored process mining solution for global plant maintenance, tackling critical challenges such as process bottlenecks, data quality issues, and improvement opportunities. Key benefits include reduced downtime, enhanced asset reliability, improved labor productivity, efficient cost management, and compliance.

Improving Global Plant Efficiency
enhances global efficiency with Ennuviz's process mining solution, addressing bottlenecks, improving data quality, and ensuring streamlined operations, reduced downtime, enhanced reliability, productivity, cost efficiency, and regulatory compliance.



Cost Savings (3 years period)
Reduction in E2E Resolution time
Reduction in Manual Effort in Work Order Management
Process variants were eliminated in less than 1 Year (20K to 10K
Improved Response Time
Reduced MTTR

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